Residential Services

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We specialize in working directly with homeowners that require exceptional service. From vacation properties and estates to your personal home, we want your property to stand out from the rest. Every homeowner has different expectations of maintenance schedules so let us listen to your needs. If you’re not happy with your existing landscape, we offer design consultations that are the foundations of your landscape dreams.


Do you have compacted soil in your lawn or landscape beds due to frequent foot traffic? Plants and turf struggle to thrive in packed soils due to less water and oxygen availability. Aeration is the best practice to incorporate into maintenance programs to alleviate tight soils in landscape beds and turf areas.

Bed Maintenance

Landscape planting beds are an important focal point of your home. Ensuring weeds are controlled and mulch is in pristine condition is a simple but highly effective service to compliment the surrounding plantings. We can take care of your beds and ensure they are kept to a high standard.

Design Consultation

Are you wanting a new landscape, or seeking options to re-design your landscaping? Contact us to schedule a consultation which is the first step in creating a new design.

Fertilization, Insecticide, & Fungicide Applications

We are not another high volume landscape company. We start by taking a sample of your soil to build a program. Once the nutrients are taken care of by fertilization visits, other aspects such as fungus and insect damage become important. The best approach to achieve an immaculate landscape is a complete program that addresses all factors related to growing plants.

Horticulture Consultation

Contact us to look at your landscape and provide a consultation. This is important for homeowners who want to maintain their current landscape and are seeking science approved methods for current and future practices.

Lawn Maintenance

Turf makes up majority of your property’s landscape and plays a critical role in the ecosystem. Turf requires proper maintenance to ensure the turf provides as much benefit as possible. Let our detail oriented team provide exceptional weekly maintenance to lawn.

Leaf Removal

Spring and fall are important times to removal leaf debris form the landscape. Call us to ensure your green space remains attractive through the fall, winter, and spring seasons.


Pruning is an extremely important practice to maintain, and promote growth for current shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees. Our passionate horticulturist uses science-backed pruning methods, and always prunes plants with a goal in mind. We communicate to you what the goal is and what steps are taken to achieve that goal. We are here to dedicate the time and resources to shape and maintain your plants.

Soil Testing

Have a struggling area in your planting beds or turf area? Soil testing provides us a foundation to work off to suggest next steps to correct or maintain your soil. Soil testing should be the first step to many landscape related services.

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control

We offer intense weed control and turf fertilization programs tailored specific to your grass type, and soil condition. Soil testing is the first step in creating a program which gives us current nutrient levels. These levels are important in developing a program that achieves results. Our programs often include insecticide and fungicide treatments.

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